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Does not work

Up does not work.

Good Game, Strange Name

It is worth playing and the name IMO was strange. The music made me feel I am losing and I did. Iverall great game.

simple awesomeness.

Never seen such a awesome game where we just have to time and click the mouse button.

I give you a 10 stars and five new borm pico's.


You have made a great game by making a package of simple games. This would be a great iphone app.

It was ok

Ok concept. Cant see anything that could be added to this idea. I am on the top so its all cool LOL.

It was a average game. The music annoyed as it was one music repeating over and over.


nice game, wasn't boring. I got more then 14K score so the game is awesome =p

whileworking responds:

Thanks! Keep playing, there's still place so you can climb the scores ;)


Huge TNA fan, Loved to see a Quiz about TNA on NG. Thanks dude. Most of the questions are not tough and basically I knew about most of the answer watching History of TNA year 1. Did not get the attendance question.

nice game

did you made that game by yourself. That was worth playing. I just want to tell you someparts which had problem like your website button does not work. and on NG you have written a (,) near www instead of a (.), Thats it.

Nice work.

awesome game

I am sure I have been playing this game for about an hour. Its really addictive and hard aswell. The trophies being there makes me want to play more as that pushes the player to be the best. I wanted to play more seeing different areas and the best part was that the puzzles got more harder and harder. Played up to area 5 and stopped from there for now. Never played a flash game for more then a hour for a long time.

Hope to see more stuff like this by you.

Not unique

It is addictive like all the similiar games like this I have played. The problem is that less these type of games has a difference in gameplay eg:- fusing two powers or a RPG like story etc. And I did not see anything different about the game.

Use the same concept , add a story and a different feature and I am sure it would be better then this.

I have no problem with the graphics,music or the game. Its just that their are alot like this which uses the same features and thats it, but some of the games which uses the same concept got more successful by adding a story or a different mix into the game.

its ok

Its ok, Some alphabets were hard to find which is good . The only problem was that the music was boring. It nearly made me fall asleep. And you could have added 3 more levels and more music tracks to choose so that the player can have his type of music on while playing. Other then that I have no complains.

Well I am going to do some animation soon XD

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